About us
Almond Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian custom software development company that specializes in developing websites, web applications, enterprise software solutions, designing, management systems, and product development for businesses across various industries. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Kundal, Maharashtra, India and sub office at Pune, India.

Almond Technologies offers a wide range of services, including software and product development, mobile app development, website development, e-commerce solution, packaging design, logo and brand designing, and marketing content designing. The company has a team of experienced software developers, project managers, and designers who work together to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Some of the industries that Almond Technologies serves include healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and manufacturing ranging from SME to large companies. The company has worked with several high-profile clients, including Decathlon, Rajtilak Industries, The Best India, Manvet Animal Health and Fablab India. Almond Technologies is committed to providing high-quality services to its clients and has a strong focus on customer satisfaction.


To be leading provider of innovative software solutions that transform businesses and drive digital growth across diverse industries.


Mission is to provide affordable, innovative, and customized software solutions that help businesses of all sizes and industries achieve their digital transformation goals, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement.


Client Satisfaction
Continuous Learning

Company Roadmap

The journey was amazing, and we have no regrets about the past.
We have gathered lots of experience while working with some amazing people and clients.


With a group of people providing solutions to local businesses as a proprietor firm.


Signed rural businesses as clients as they have unmatched potential and lack display skills so provided display platforms.


 Started developing smart tech for companies


Added product development, and e-commerce as additional services


Not just software and design but helped to implement systems and internal product development started, by incorporating the company as a private limited.

We Help Unstructured Business To Structure And Grow Digitally.

If you are a startup, have an idea, have an existing business, want to have a system on which company runs, or want to showcase in a clean way what exactly you do? We are here! No Matter where are you from or from which business we will make sure you the best from us!

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