The needed thing…

In the 21st century, you can pass a degree in computer science without having actual knowledge of coding and yet rock into the IT market. One of the fields is “Digital Marketing” and many like them. Many of times a student generally gets a degree in the computer but can’t write a ten-line code perfectly just like my friends 🙂 and also like Steve Jobs, some of them get depressed what they have done in last four years of education and engineering they get confused but don’t worry we are here to help. Just focus on your strengths, on your skills. The market is open you need to focus on “you” in “you”. Work on your passion dedicatedly we are here to help. You can do something different in the same field believe in you. “Coding”, “Programming” and “your marks” doesn’t define your engineering or education and off-course it doesn’t define you! But your “KNOWLEDGE” and “WISDOM” does! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish !!!!!!

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